Sunday, August 14, 2011

Step One - Inspiration

I have to say that before anything else the first step to creating anything is proper inspiration.  For my 3D Papermorphs the main source of inspiration has to be the maps and dungeon geomorphs at Dyson Logos blog at  My second inspiration is a patten I found for my papercrafts at  They have several good floor plans that are nice but also easy to construct. 

The one problem I did find though is that if I was to use the standard miniature scale of 1inch = 5 feet that my creations would soon be very large and cumbersome.  For the geomorphs that I was using as my template this would come out to be 20 inches square.  Not exactly something that is either easy to store or have a fair collection of.  So I scaled down a bit and came to having a scale of 1 inch = 20 feet or 1/4 inch equaling 5 feet.  This way I could just use standard graph paper as a template and the whole creation would only be 5 inches square.

It was when I decided on this scale that I realized I had a new problem.  There isn't any pre-made templates for papercrafts that I could find that are is small.  So I took it upon myself to create all the parts from scratch.  And I have to say that for a first time try, my efforts turned out pretty well.

Thats all for now.
Game Well my Friends


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