Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thank you All

I must say that I was surprised this morning when I logged in and saw the amount of traffic I have.  I'll admit its retivaly low still at this moment, it's still alot more that I really expected.  It means alot to me to see people coming here and inspires me to keep going.  As a bonus for this I have some pics on my current project.

As you can see it's starting out alot smoother than my first one but not as good as I'd like.  The problem I'm having is the amount of void space on this one and figuring out which walls to place first because the walls overlap a bit on the bases because my walls have a double base as opposed to the larger scale ones that only have the base one one side.

Here you can see them side by side and how the will fit together when the next one is finished.  My next step ofter this one will either be one with caverns or curved rooms or one with multiple levels in it, not sure which yet.

Come the end of October I have some vacation time so I will be starting my grand project, either the first floor of the Ruins of the Undermountain or section A of the Worlds Largest Dungeon.  Would be intrested in hearing your opinion on this.

Untill later, Game Well my Friends


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  1. Looking at the papermorphs I was wondering how will you manage secret doors. Let's say there's one leading into those black spaces. Perhaps a separate tile that fits into that space? Anyway, looking good so far. Keep up the good work!